Welcome To The Family!

Andrey Ariza

When Andrey Ariza was 5, his teacher assigned a project asking for each student’s future profession. There was never any doubt in his mind. He emphatically stated, “I want to be a cooker.” Always comfortable in the kitchen, Ariza began on-the-job training at 17. Making a deal with a local restaurant, Andrey began a trial-by-fire interview. Little did he know that what began as a one-week tryout would launch him into the career of his dreams.

March 2010, Andrey opened Sun City Café in Las Vegas. October 2014 he will open his newest eatery, BITE. A Breakfast and lunch restaurant located in Las Vegas on Grand Canyon Drive, BITE is a great spot for locals and tourists alike. Specializing in 20 different kinds of pancakes and pancake lollipops with dips, our high quality cuisine will leave you wanting another, well, BITE!

At BITE, Ariza describes his food as modern American made completely from scratch. He has masterfully transformed traditional American fare into American food with a flare! He has an enthusiasm for transforming food in unexpected ways. Using the freshest ingredients and creating one-of-a-kind dishes, Andrey has developed an impressive customer fan-base. “I’ve had people come in for breakfast and return the same day for lunch,” he says. No doubt it is due to Andrey’s talent for amplifying natural flavors in simple, yet striking combinations…AND his warm and welcoming personality!

Stop in for a BITE and chat with Andrey Ariza, Las Vegas’ most innovative ‘cooker’.